Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye dear friend......

I have drank... drunken? my last fountain soda.  It happened on Friday after weeks of deliberating and then a movie that put me over the edge called 'Hungry for Change" that just added fuel to my fire about the shut I put in my body and the bodies of the people I love.

Here is just a snippet of what the movie shed light on... 'Seven side effects of diet soda'. Obviously I have heard all this before, but where this has been on my mind awhile, this time it really got lodged into my brain.

Why does this deserve a whole blog post??  Well because a HUGE part of my hesitancy to quit is that I feel like my morning fountain soda is part of who I am!  It's my "thing" ....and everyone knows it!  Stopping at the store, filling that cup with just the right amount of ice and then bringing my soda to work and drinking it until exactly 10am at break time where I finish it off and refill the cup with water... It's all my thing!!  My daily ritual!!  So this is huge for me!!  I am replacing this with a new iced coffee ritual.  It will give me no chemicals, a whole serving of milk, and control over what I use for sweeteners (sugar for now but I plan on tinkering with natural options).   The only bummer there is I am almost out of my delicious Mexican vanilla and I have no trips to Mexico planned anytime soon!